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Crate Club Black Membership

$9,999.00 - $19,999.00

Product Description

$9999 or $19999 packages for three of the below themes:

  1. Apocalypse Box: Premium box of the highest calibre full of everything you'd possibly want if the world goes to hell, or you just need to grab and go. $9999 or $19999
  2. Huntsman's Box: We get asked all the time, best binos, bags, gloves, hat. Everything you don't know you need yet is in this box. Only the best and hard to find gear. $9999 or $19999
  3. Alpha Box: The best premium firearms accessories you'd could imagine, and maybe even something that goes bang! Please provide FFL and local dealer information for shipping when you checkout. $9999 or $19999

This purchase gives you access to our Crate Club Black program. This is extremely limited offering to ensure the highest level of quality and commitment to our CC Black customers.

  • Special Operations grade packages tailored to your choice of box.
  • Private, Special Operations level email concierge service (*On Demand)

When you complete your purchase, please write us a quick note and include any special wants or needs, so our team can build you the best, most badass, surprise box possible.

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