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Hello and thanks for subscribing to the Crate Club newsletter. We hope you join as a member soon, and start getting some kick ass gear with us. You’re also joining a community, we hold special events every year, just for our members, like our annual bash in Las Vegas during the SHOT show.

Our former Special Operations guys work hard to source, test and approve the gear that we send our valued members. Rest assured that when you order your crate, quality and practicality are valued when choosing what you get.

Our competitors like to stuff their boxes full of flimsy, made in China gear, just so it looks like you’re getting a lot for your money. Made in China doesn’t work well in places like Afghanistan and Iraq. That’s why the SOFREP Crate Club focuses on quality, and ensure that every piece of gear you get from us will last. If we wouldn’t use it ourselves then it doesn’t go in the crate.

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